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STELLER SUP DESIGNS builds premium SUPs utilizing advanced materials and proprietary Epoxy Matrix construction developed by surf innovators Tamotsu and Yu Sumitomo. These SUPs are hand built and represent the most advanced constructions in the market today. 


Tamotsu Sumitomo is one of the fathers of surfing in Japan. Surfer, shaper, and innovative creator, he has contributed significantly to board construction around the world. Joined by his son Yu Sumitomo, the two continue to advance the art and science of modern surfboard and SUP design and technology, resulting in the creation of Epoxy Matrix and Thunderbolt Technologies constructions that differentiate our products from all others. Carve Sports is the exclusive distributor of products utilizing these technologies in the US. 


Utilizing advanced materials such as carbon fiber, carbon fiber/Inegra blends, PVC, hand dyed Indonesian Batik Fabrics, and highest quality components, the boards are constructed utilizing a proprietary double sandwich design that delivers outstanding performance, exceptional strength, and light weight. And they’re beautiful. 


Multi-Component internal stringer systems provide controlled flex and twist. Internal carbon fiber deck patches under the standing area are laminated on all models to reinforce the deck and prevent pressure dings in the areas that get the most abuse. From nose to tail, every detail has been thoroughly analyzed and addressed. 


The results are SUP boards that look and perform like no other SUPs in the market and are priced substantially below other manufacturers whose cost of construction is far below our hand built boards. Result: the best value in the market. By far.


2win Drive

9'0" x 30 3/8" x 4" // Volume: 118 Liters
9'6" x 31" x 4 1/4" // Volume: 135 Liters

The 2WIN- Drive is an easy-to-surf-and-paddle SUP due to its placement of volume, whether you're gliding into waves, or going out for a casual flatwater paddle.  Internal flex management components create great responsiveness and internal carbon fiber deck patch makes this board super strong. The 2WIN- Drive has a 4+1 fin set-up and works well in a 2-foot face and up.


8'2" x 30" x 4" // Volume: 103 L
8'5" x 31" x 4 5/16" // Volume: 112 L

The Oz X is a high-performance SUP featuring a slight double barrel through the tail, flowing out to a soft diamond tail. Internal flex management components create great responsiveness and internal carbon fiber deck patch makes this board super strong. The Oz X is set-up with a versatile 4+1 fin set-up and works well in 3-foot face waves and up.


9'0" x 31" x 3 3/4" // Volume 123 L
9'0" x 33 1/4" x 4 3/8" // Volume 153 L
11'0" x 33" x 4 1/2" // Volume 194 L

The D Wing is a playful little 9’0” rocket. Being wide and skatey, loose in and out of your turns, with a low entry and a stable wide diamond tail. This board can be ridden with multiple fin applications depending on the size of the wave and shape, along with your personal preference. This board works well in small to medium surf. 

vi pack

10'5" x 30 1/8" x 4 1/4" 

The VI Pack is a fun all-around SUP.  You can cruise outside the surf line or in flat water but also surf on small to medium sized waves. This board is a great family board, with enough volume to put your kiddos on board with you, or even your pet. Internal flex management components make this SUP smooth and responsiveness and internal carbon fiber deck patch makes this board super strong. The VI Pack comes with a 2+1 fin set-up.

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