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When we say our longboards, fun shapes and hybrid surfboards perform like no other board on the market, we mean it.  Guy Takayama designed these hyper performance surfboards to take full advantage of advanced materials and manufacturing methods to deliver boards that simply perform like no other. All surfboards are 100% hand layups, made with a total of 12 ounces of fiberglass/carbon fiber (both deck and bottom) for superior strength while maintaining flexibility. 

Guy Takayama​

Guy Takayama and Carve Sports, Inc. came together in 2013 to design high-performance surfboards that go beyond.


This line-up starts with Guy's best shapes based on decades of hand-shaping custom polyurethane surfboards, modified to take full advantage of the lighter, more durable epoxy technologies and other advanced materials. The results have frankly exceeded our hopes and expectations. These surfboards are magic, and advanced production methods, and intense focus on quality ensure that every surfboard performs at the highest level

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